wide calf boots

Because You Love Boots…

Fashionable boots are an integral part to any stylish woman’s wardrobe, especially when the weather begins to be chilly. With so many different materials, colors, and styles to choose from, there are endless ways to complete a great outfit with the perfect pair of boots. Riding boots, over the knee boots, and ankle booties are all the rage, and there are thousands of choices to choose from.

For some women, finding amazing boots that also fit just right can be difficult. Wide calf boots are specifically designed for women with wider calves (typically over the standard 15”). These pieces were created to ensure that all women, no matter what size or body type, would be able to accessorize exactly the way they want to. Available in standard shoe sizes, a woman’s calf measurements are also taken into account in order to get the perfect fit.

Know Your Measurements

Women who need boots with a wide calf need to know their own measurements before they take out the credit card.Finding the correct size is simple, and will help end frustrating shoe shopping experiences. All you need to do is take a tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of the calf on your leg. Make sure to do both legs in order to get the most accurate numbers.

Wide calf boots for women come in three different “sizes”: wide (16 to 18 ¼” calf), extra wide (17 ½” to 20” calf), and super wide (18” to 21” calf). These sizes are listed along with the standard shoe size such as 8 or 10. Much like other clothing items, it is better to size up than down if you’re on the cusp.

This is especially important when shopping online when you don’t get the opportunity to try before you buy. There are many websites that feature boots with wide calf. Duo Boots features a wide combination of both calf and standard shoe sizes. They recently introduced a gorgeous line of over the knee boots, which are super trendy and adorable.

Where to get Great Wide Calfs?

For cheap wide calf boots, Just Fab is an amazing website that offers boots for as low as $39 for members. There are plenty of styles to choose from, including various heights, heel types, and fasteners. Just Fab also helps to customize your shopping experience by tailoring boot suggestions based on a short quiz on your own personal style.

Wide Widths is the go-to website when shopping for wide calf boots. Boasting the largest collection of wide calf boots for women anywhere, this online mecca helps customers find the perfect style and fit no matter what size you are. Offering several popular brands and styles, this site also has a great return policy just in case your boots don’t fit exactly right.

Styles, Styles, Styles…

With so many different styles of boots, how does a woman know which is right for her? As with most clothes and accessories, different choices are often made based on body type. The desire to accentuate the best features on a body is how many ladies begin to develop their personal fashion style. The same goes for shoes and boots.

Women that are petite should focus on footwear with higher heels in order to make their legs appear longer. Boots with taller calves or ankle booties are great for this as well. For women with a fuller figure, knee-high boots with a cone heel will keep the focus on your best assets. Different outfits will also determine which boot is best, so buying for multiple occasions is a great tip.

As far as material type, there are so many great options. Leather wide calf boots are a classic staple, especially in a riding style. These boots flatter all body types and are versatile within any wardrobe. Suede booties, especially ones with heels, are super cute and can go from work to play easily. Over the knee boots, often made from both leather and a softer liner, look great on pear shaped women as they accentuate every curve.

Only You Know You

Wide calf boots are a definite need in the foot wear market, as there is no cookie cutter body type. Every woman now has the opportunity to keep up with the latest fashion trends without the frustration of seeing an amazing product that does not come in the right size. Once a woman has measured her calves properly, she can then move forward with confidence and excitement on her shopping journey.

With so many great places online to find amazing wide calf boots in all different sizes and styles, the possibilities for perfect outfits are endless. From Wide Widths to the daily deal site Zulily, there are plenty of websites that feature great boots for any body type. With just a little extra research on what boots are right for you, the search for super cute foot wear that accentuates all of your best assets is simple.