Hunter Boots History

Offering some of the finest foot ware in the business, Hunter Boots has been crafting their namesake for nearly 150 years. An integral part of how boots have evolved, this company paved the way for not only function but fashion. The brand has several different products available in both classic and modern styles.

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Their Awesome Rain Boots

Hunter Boots are mainly known for their signature rain boots. Available for men, women, and kids, these incredible works of art are almost too pretty to wear. Fun colors include corals and deep reds, teals and yellows. Basic black and brown are of course available as well. Kids can feel like astronauts bouncing on the moon in their metallic Hunter rain boots. There really are pairs for every member of the family.

Rain boots are a must have item in many climates, especially those that get especially chilly. The original version of Hunter Boots are popular not only for all of these reasons, but because they really are quality foot ware worth the investment. Having perfected the art of boot making for generations, this company’s dedication to perfection with grace always shines through.

Don’t Forget About Their Riding Boots

This retailer also offers incredible riding boots in their collections. Stylish and comfortable, these pieces are crafted with love. Rounding out the women’s department are the heel boots. A perfect addition to any fashion-forward lady’s wardrobe, these boots are similar to booties in their function however the heels themselves are chunkier.

Hunter Boots also offers field boots for both men and women. Perfect for days tracking through the tall grass after the elusive fox or duck, these quality made knee-highs are lightweight but still tough. Field boots are available in traditional colors as well as more modern hues such as glossy red.

For Men Too

Men can also purchase lace-up boots in four incredible styles. Perfect for casual wear, the Original Rubber collection is available in several colors and finishes. Other lace-up varieties include somewhat throwback versions of other classic foot ware. Regal and classic yet modern and quirky at the same time, men’s lace-up Hunter Boots are great for every occasion.

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Hunter Boots have offered impeccably crafted foot ware for nearly 150 years. Manufacturing their namesake for soldiers, royalty, and the common wearer, this company has retained its dedication to perfection for generations. Hunter Boots remain one of the most popular suppliers of high end foot ware across the globe, consistently offering incredible boots for the entire family.