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Any Man Can Appreciate a Good Boot

There are plenty of times when a man needs a good boot. From the construction site to hunting, rodeos and business events, boots are an integral part to a man’s wardrobe. With all of the different styles and brands out there, things can be complicated. With a little homework, men can determine both the right shoe and calf size ensuring that their next shopping trip for boots is successful.

Complicating things especially is when you have an extra wide foot or calf. Many brick and mortar shoe stores do not offer foot ware for this market. While wide feet are fairly common and have had success in a niche market, men with wide calves also have needs. Since wide calves generally do not factor in when buying traditional shoes such as sneakers and loafers, the market has been ignored in the past. But wide calf boots for men are easily available online, in several styles and brands.

Determining Your Size

When determining which size calf you have, the widest part of the calf must be measured. The circumference of the leg around this part of the calf will be over 15”, which is what standard boots usually have. Once both legs are measured, you will be able to choose a boot in the correct size far more easily. Calf size is called out on shoes as wide, extra wide, and super wide.

wide calf boots for men

Types and Styles for Guys

There are many different types of boots out there and it is important to know which type you are looking for before beginning your search. Galoshes that can go into a shallow river are a lot different than the steel-toed boots needed in manufacturing. Many niche websites exist for every style of men’s wide calf boot, and knowledge is power when trying to find the right store.

A Lot of Options for Men

The company Justin Boots offers standard and wide calf boots for men, women, and children. The men’s department does have different cowboy and work boots available in wide calf sizes. When searching for a specific brand or style, the website will generally help you find a local retailer that carries that product. The nice part of this feature is that it allows the boot to be tried on before purchasing, saving time and perhaps disappointment. is another great website for men with wide feet and calves. With tons of different styles of foot ware to choose from, this online retailer is an excellent resource. Wide calf boots are available as well as standard shoes, with styles including work boots, hunting boots, and hiking boots. The company is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and does have a brick and mortar shop that is open on certain days and by appointment.

For men looking for a boot that is designed more for fashion than function, Zappos has many choices available to peruse. Brands like Cole Haan and Clarks are present, so men with a certain flair can get exactly what they are looking for. In addition to business appropriate and casual boots, Zappos also features boots suitable for the work site and the hunting camp.

You Can’t Find A More Comfortable Boot Than a Wide Calf

Men’s wide calf boots are available in plenty of different styles and functions, ensuring that men of every shape and size can get precisely what he needs. Shopping for foot ware can already be a hassle but for men with wide calves, it can be even more frustrating. Luckily with a little know how and research, the perfect wide calf boots for men can be found. Boots for the office to the climbing gym, the work site to the hunting camp, can be found online at plenty of quality websites. Men with wide feet or calves can now rest easy with the knowledge that perfect boot is out there for them.