wide calf boot sizes

Sizes Don’t Have to Be Tricky

Both men and women with wide calves know that buying boots can sometimes be tricky. Since boots are such an essential part of one’s wardrobe for so many different reasons, finding the right styles and wide calf boot sizes is imperative. We do not live in a cookie cutter world, and the old adage “one size fits all” simply isn’t true.

For certain styles of boots, having an accurate determination of size is crucial. For riding boots, knee high and over the knee boots, the circumference of the calf area must match a person’s personal measurements. If the wrong boot size is tried on, the fit can be awkward or too tight. Since these boots are often worn for style in a woman’s wardrobe, the right fit is a must.

Get Out the Measuring Tape

How does someone with wide calves determine what size they should be buying? The first step is to physically measure your calf. Sitting with your legs bent at a right angle, take a tape measurer and measure the circumference around the widest part of your calf. Make sure to do both legs, as sometimes the numbers can be slightly different. When trying to determine which leg’s number should be the size, always go up.

A traditional boot sold in standard size normally has around a 15” circumference. When printed along with shoe size, wide calf boot sizes generally come in three generic sizes. Wide calf boots have a circumference of 16” up to 18 ¼”. Extra wide calf boots have a circumference of 17 ½” to a 20” calf. The third, super wide, are designed with an 18” up to a 21” circumference.

Specialty Sizes

Some websites also offer wide calf boots in even larger sizes than the three standard variations above. Wide Widths is a large online retailer of wide calf boots, and is often a first resource when searching for the perfect items. The website can help people determine their calf size, in order to ensure that every person gets the right fit the first time. They feature an additional large size, called super plus wide. These boots feature a circumference of 21” all the way to 24 ¾”. This extra sizing option makes this website a popular choice for this niche market.

Different Brands Can Have Different Sizing

Like other types of clothing and accessories, not all wide calf boot sizes are consistent between brands. For example, a size 8 shoe with an extra wide calf may feel more accurate with some boots. Others may be too tight or too large. It is important to take this into consideration when shopping, especially online.

With this in mind, be certain to know each online retailer’s return policy. A fair policy would allow the buyer to exchange or return boots that do not fit within a reasonable amount of time. The boots should still be in like-new condition, and therefore eligible to return. Not all websites allow this, especially if the items were on clearance or final sale. Pay attention to these details, especially when experimenting with wide calf boot sizes.

Get Your Sizing Right The First Time To Make It Easier

Finding the correct wide calf boot size is easy to do and will make searching for great boots so much easier. By simply determining the circumference of the widest area around your calf, the magic number can tell you where you belong. Wide, extra wide, and super wide are the standard deviations. Super plus wide calf boots are available from some retailers, ensuring that people of all shapes and sizes can get the right boot for their needs. By researching sizes and purchasing from websites with generous return policies, buying wide calf boots is a breeze.