brown wide calf boots vs brown

It’s a classic question in fashion: black or brown? Can they go together? These two colors are so basic, yet they have led men and women astray for generations. When it comes to boots, most people have a pair in both brown and black. However, many still struggle with which color to wear with their specific outfit.

Black Goes With Everything… Or Does It?

The old fashion stand-by is that black goes with everything. But just as common is the rule that you can’t wear black and brown together. This conundrum has existed for decades and opinions differ on if either is a law to live by. Looking at fashion in the 21st century, you will find that many old school rules have been thrown out the window.

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As far as whether or not black goes with everything, the general consensus is that this is true for the most part. Black boots can be paired with several different outfits, whether you are going to work or to the club. The only time black foot ware is questionable is when you are wearing dark brown pants or skirts. Additionally, black and orange may look a tad Halloween-ish.

Better With Brown

Brown boots have been making a big comeback since the riding boot craze started not so long ago. Gorgeous knee high leather boots in chestnut and burnt umber became a staple of fall fashion, and have even made their way into other seasons as well. Brown knee high boots paired with an off-white dress would look fabulous in the spring. For autumn, leather riding boots over skinny pants bring an equestrian flair to any classy lady’s day to day wardrobe.

The Main Thing

The main question to consider is: which type of boot you are going wear? Are you trying to pair black ankle booties with wide leg pants? That would probably not flatter as well as other choices. Consider which style of boots will flatter your outfit in the best way. Brown knee high boots with a sexy black dress is certainly acceptable. Black over the knee boots would pair best with lighter tights or pants.

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The old debate of brown vs black has inundated fashion culture for generations. There used to be many more “rules” when it came to which colors were appropriate together or alone. Nowadays, it seems that almost anything goes. While it is best to try to match your foot ware with your outfits so that they complement each other, think about what is best to flatter your body as well. When it comes to fashion, common sense is best.