wide calf cowboy boots

Hot Girls Need Hot Cowboy Boots

The old West style of women’s wide calf cowboy boots have been fashionable forever. While traditionally meant for hard men traveling by horseback, these boots have crossed over into super stardom. Celebrities swear by them and they are a staple of beach trips, camp fires, and nights on the town. Those living in cold weather states may wear them over tights on toastier evenings. No matter the occasion, cowboy boots are always hot.
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Country music has always had a place in American culture. With the popularity of the hit musical drama “Nashville”, western style is streaming into millions of households every week. Hayden Panettiere, one of the stars of the show, always looks amazing in her cowboy boots. From simple day dresses with light brown boots to a stage-worthy patent leather boot, this country star looks amazing at all times.

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Show-stopping traditional and wide calf cowgirl boots are available in a variety of places. Affordable cowboy boots can be found online and at brick and mortar locations. DSW has large locations nationwide and an online shopping option. With plenty of wide calf boots included in their collections, ladies can stock up without breaking the bank. Zappos also has a wide selection of boots on their website, most with wide calf sizes. Their prices and forgiving return policy makes this retailer a top-notch source of gorgeous cowboy boots.

There are also designer handmade cowboy boots for ladies that want a little extra luxury. Paul Bond boots are constructed by experts in boot making, ensuring that every pair is made with care. Sides are hand-stitched and delicate details exist on each unique boot, so owners know they are getting a one of kind piece of art. These beautiful boots do come in wide calf varieties as well. Custom boots can even made, but they will not come cheap.

wide calf cowgirl boots

Traditional and wide calf cowboy boots for women are hotter than ever, despite the fact that they have existed in history for over a hundred years. Seen all over Hollywood, these gorgeous boots are a must-have item for any woman’s closet. Cowboy boots are perfect in all weather, from the summer music festivals to the fall pumpkin carvings. There are adorable and affordable choices out there as well as custom, hand-made cowboy boots made just for you. Regardless of your location or budget, a classic pair of women’s cowboy boots are an essential part of your wardrobe.