wide calf rain boots

What was once meant for fisherman deep in the marshes are now a staple of fashion, especially for spring and fall. Rain boots come in so many different colors and finishes that it is hard to pick just one pair. Available for all ages, kids can splash in the puddles while mom makes a statement.

Where They Came From

First introduced in the early 19th century by the Duke of Wellington, the original design was said to be created by the Duke himself. Developed throughout time, including war time, the Wellington boot has evolved into a modern name. Rain boots, as they are often called now, have been a staple in English society for nearly 200 years.

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In the United States, rain boots are quite popular in the springtime, particularly in areas with rainy weather or melting snow. Designs come in fun colors like red and teal, along with the basic browns and blacks. Children in particular enjoy jumping around in their brightly colored boots.

Necessity or Accessory?

Adults often make rain boots more of an accessory meant to compliment an outfit, while at the same time keeping their toes warm and dry. In addition to the traditional design, adult rain boots are also available with taller tops, with some even reaching knee-high. From flirty to fun, the colors and styles are endless.
wide calf rain boots for women
Zappos has an amazing collection of affordable rain boots for men, women, and children. Many of the designers offer wide and extra wide calf rain boots in addition to the average 15” circumference. The boots are available in standard foot sizes, with some featuring fun details such as buckles, tufted calf fronts, and high gloss finishes.

For Plain Jane

There are also more traditional rain boots available out there without all of the bells and whistles. Many brands offer basic browns and blacks along with serious function. For those who will be spending more time in the fields and less at the mall, L.L. Bean and North Face both offer rain boots perfect for the great outdoors.

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Rain boots have been a staple of western styles for nearly 200 years. These water-proof classics offer both function and fashion for any occasion or environment. From hunting in the deep marsh to splashing around downtown, rain boots are a must have item for all wardrobes. There are standard, wide and extra wide rain boot sizes available for every member of the family, with plenty of colors and designs to choose from.