wide calf snow boots

Cold Living

For people living in colder climates, or who visit them, snow boots are a must have. Many climates endure the icy tundra that is winter for many months, making this foot ware essential. Surprising to some may be the amount of styles that snow boots can come in. They can offer extreme protection from frostbite as well as fashion at the holiday parade.

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The Fashionable Wide Calf Snow Boot

Fashionable snow boots are not a new idea, as remaining cute in cold weather months is an aggravating challenge to many women. With the right accessories, including snow boots, any girl can look hot when it’s 5 below. Some women’s snow boots offer faux fur at the top while others have thick insulation with a more classic look on the outside.

Cute Wide Calf Snow Boots

The Functional Wide Calf Snow Boot

While it is important to look good, it is also vital to remember why people wear these boots: it’s slippery and cold outside. When purchasing snow boots, even ones that are more stylish, you will still want to be able to walk outside. Look for boots that have traction on the soles, otherwise you will be slip sliding away. In places with extreme cold, ensure that you have boots that can keep toes safe.

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Snow boots are also a huge must for outdoors lovers. While the winter chills may keep some locked up with cabin fever, other folks love to enjoy the beauty that snow and ice can bring. Winter hikers can buy special boots with additional traction to ensure safety on the trail. Ice fishers and deer hunters will also appreciate those heavy-duty boots when out in the shack for hours at a time.

For Sports Lovers

Many winter sports require certain styles of boots that are specifically designed to help the athlete perform efficiently. Skiing and snowboarding require snow boots that can attach to the vessels they are designed for. In addition to function, these boots can also help protect athletes with their thick outer shell. With the growing popularity of winter sports in recent history, designer snowboard boots can now go for hundreds of dollars.

Snow boots are an essential piece of any snow bunny’s wardrobe. While boots can be cute and fun, the functionality is the most important piece. Safety first, then accessories. Additionally, winter sports enthusiasts will find plenty of options when shopping for the perfect snow boots for their activities of choice. For those of you that have never had a reason to buy snow boots, you can always pretend you’re going to the moon.