7 Favorite Brands of Wide Calf Riding Boots for Women

Riding boots have been one of the hottest trends in the foot ware industry for years. Awesome for every season, every woman wants to add at least one if not many pairs of fabulous riding boots to their wardrobe. These tall and sturdy boots flatter every outfit and body type, and are available in several colors and materials. Seen on celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift, everyone is rocking the riding boot.

Great Brands of Wide Calf Riding Boots


Us women who require wide calf sizes will find plenty of great options while shopping for riding boots. While it can be frustrating for those with wide calves to find that perfect fit, many companies are dedicated to this niche market. Riding boots are especially popular and there are a vast amount of choices out there to browse through. Here are 7 of the best wide calf riding boots for women.

1. Hunter Boots – The Name in Riding Boots

This English company has been the name in field and riding boots for over a century. These boots are massively popular for a reason as they are made with only the finest materials and always crafted with care. The amount of colors to choose from is impressive, from classic brown leather to fun and shiny purple. Most of their collection has wide calf sizes, meaning anyone can score a pair (or ten) of these hot boots.

2. Fitzwell – Not Too Shabby with Tons of Styles

With an insane amount of wide calf riding boot styles to choose from, Fitzwell is another popular choice for women’s foot ware. Highly rated by many bloggers around the world, these boots are super cute and affordable. They are often available on daily deal sites such as Zappos, so you will always find the perfect pair without emptying your wallet.

3. Etienne Aigner – Luxurious and Gorgeous

Lovers of luxury designer foot ware will definitely want to check out Etienne Aigner’s gorgeous collection of boots. While their collection is small, it is also seasonal, meaning there is always something fresh and fun available. These beauties are not cheap but will always flatter and impress. Haute couture has never been hotter, and this design house is one to be watched.

4. Rsvp – Flatter Your Feet

This brand always has fun and flattering foot ware, and their wide calf riding boots are no exception. They have several different versions of their riding boot, including ones with higher heels and cute details such as buckles. Many women with wide calves swear by rsvp, for riding boots and more. Their entire shoe collection has over 120 different pairs!

5. Miz Mooz – Go Ahead, Go Sexy

These flirty and fabulous boots are unique, and are an eclectic addition to any collection. Available in traditional colors to wild hues such as bright red and peach, Miz Mooz’s riding boots take style to the next level. Their Brinley wide calf boot features a high wedge for an extra sexy look perfect for making legs appear longer. Whichever style you chose, this up and coming foot ware brand is re-inventing the industry.

6. David Tate – The Comfort Guru

This well-known shoe company has been offering a large number of boots in wide calf sizes for years. Available in standard up to super plus wide, David Tate promises the best fit for any woman. Their boots come in sexy styles and traditional, so there is a perfect pair for any occasion. Always a top pick among shoppers, David Tate is a great go-to for wide calf boots.

7. Rose Petals – The New Kid On The Block

New to the wide calf boot world is Rose Petals. This company’s fresh collection has flair and their gorgeous designs will have you begging for more. Sure to be a runway hit, these riding boots are high quality and destined to impress. While the cost of their boots is slightly higher than others on this list, once you see these incredible pieces you will have the credit card out fast.

Finally, Tides are Changing…

Riding boots have been a staple of women’s fashion for generations and the amount of brands diving into this market has expanded rapidly. For those with wide calf sizes, it can sometimes be frustrating to find the right fit. Luckily, more and more designers are understanding the need to develop flattering boots for all different shapes and sizes. From those with petite feet to super plus wide calves, any woman can now find exactly what they are looking for.

So, Which Should You Wear?

The brands above are all huge hits with the wide calf community. Hunter Boots have been a European tradition for over one hundred years, while Fitzwell offers a vast collection of foot ware to choose from. Fans of high-end designer goods will love Etienne Aiger’s collection of wide calf boots and both Rose Petals and Miz Mooz’s quirky styles. Both rsvp and David Tate are popular choices as well, with many fashion bloggers giving two thumbs up. Whichever brand you decide to go with, you will surely be impressed by how riding boots can transform an outfit from drab to fab.