Turn Your Favorite Pair Into A Pair That Fits Again

We all have that special pair of boots we love so much. What if that special pair gets too small? This is exactly what happened to me last year when I was pregnant and didn’t want to go out and buy new boots that wouldn’t fit after pregnancy.

So, I found some awesome tips online. This first one gives the basics of boot stretching. I used the compound he suggests at 1:41 and first tried wearing them until they dried like he recommends. That worked, but to add a little more room, I made my own home stretcher with wood pieces I found in the garage. It worked perfectly and these tight squeeze boots became the most comfortable pair I owned during my pregnancy.

Or if you aren’t so brave, then check out a professional alteration. You can find a local shoe repair shop or if you have a special sewing machine for leather, give this a try…

And another way I found to stretch out the bottom of the boot if your toes are getting scrunched. This works awesome!

Overall, these are some great options that seem to work well for people. I love that you can do this on the cheap!