Women Love Boots.

Women of all ages and races love boots.The perfect footwear accessory for multiple occasions (and weather trends), boots are hotter than ever. Seen on everyone from Hollywood celebrities to foreign dignitaries, these stylish accessories are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. Riding boots have made a big comeback recently, as have booties. It seems as though the standard uniform for fall and winter especially include women’s boots.

womens wide calf boots

For some body types, not all standard sized boots will work. Since one of the main reason ladies purchase boots is to accentuate their style, the frustration of narrow boots can be agonizing. Luckily, there are many companies that manufacture wide calf boots for women. This industry development has been considered a godsend for many women who want to look stylish but hate the awkward fit of traditional boots.

Know Your Size

In order to know just which size of wide calf boot will work, a woman needs to know her calf size.By simply sitting on a chair and measuring the widest part of your calf with a tape measurer, you can find your answer. Most standard boots sold have calf circumference sizes around 15”. The three main wide calf sizes are wide -16 to 18 ¼”, extra wide -17 ½ to a 20”, and super wide -18 to 21” with some stores offering sizes even larger. The calf size will be listed on the boots along with the shoe size.

Know Your Body Type

Women should also consider their body type and clothing choices when deciding which style of boots to wear. Knee high boots are better for tall, curvy women whereas booties with higher heels are great for petite women. Also consider what weather and occasion the boots will be worn in – just like every other type of foot ware, there may be a need for multiple pairs.

As most women know, there are so many great stores out there where they can buy clothes and accessories. For wide calf boots specifically, there are some awesome options. Wide Widths is one of industry leaders in the online sale of wide calf boots for women. With endless brands and styles available in plenty of diverse sizes, this retailer is one of the best places to find the perfect pair of boots.

Zulily is a great daily deal website that offers tons of different products. They also happen to offer cheap wide calf boots for women. There are tons of different styles to choose from, including over the knee, riding, and ankle booties. The prices are always amazing and there are daily super deals occurring all of the time. Make sure to check back to this site often as flash sales happen often!

There are so many unique foot ware brands out there, and many offer wide calf boots in their collections. Jessica Simpson wide calf boots are super cute and come in multiple styles. The riding boots are fabulous and feature an adorable buckle across the ankle. Pretty ankle booties are also available with multiple features, including versions with fold over tops and fun wedges.

No Need For Frustration Any Longer, Wide Widths Are More Popular Than Ever

Women’s wide calf boots are a much-needed development in the foot ware world. Many ladies often suffer frustration when trying to shop for taller calf boots, as the fit in traditional sizes can be awkward. In order to flatter their bodies, women should consider their shoe and calf size, as well as body type, when shopping for fun boots. With these accessories a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe, wide calf boots give every fashionable woman the chance to look their best without any stress.